Wednesday, 21 November 2012

On-page optimization

On-Page Optimization
On –page optimization Complete Deals with Html Code, Meta Tags, Keywords Placement, Image Optimization and Keywords density etc. In SERP on –page optimization plays vital role in bring relevant traffic to your website.

On-page Activities:

     ·      Title tag
     ·      Page URL
     ·      Content
     ·      Meta Description
     ·      Heading tags (H1, H2..)
     ·      Keyword Proximity
     ·      Keyword Prominence
     ·      Keyword Density
     ·      Keywords in the Link anchor text
     ·      Keywords in the outbound link
     ·      Web page age
     ·      Web page size
     ·      Domain Age
     ·      Quantity of content
     ·      Page Freshness
     ·      Internal Link structures
     ·      Social media button
      ·     Sitemap(Html & XML)

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